Friday, March 09, 2007

PR Prom

Imagine being a grown adult and a guest at your very own senior prom...In a nutshell, that was me last night, as I was at the equivalent of the NYC PR Prom.

That’s right…last night was one of many PR industry award events of the season. This one, for some reason unbeknownst to me, was a “black tie affair” at the Tavern on the Green. Black tie for my office mates meant any form of wrap dress that you can find in your closet. Black tie for the out-of-towners meant sparkles and floor length gowns…aka: overkill.

The evening was one of those nights where a difficult combination of unintentional drunkenness and trying to be on your best “professional” behavior was at play for all. Your boss was there. Your boss’s boss was there. Your client was there. Your past bosses were there, and the waiters wouldn’t allow any wine glass to bow below the half way mark. I still couldn’t tell you how many glasses of wine I drank, but somehow I think the dinner rolls saved me.

Dinner was served. Awards were given out, and the after party began – which by the way was officially called an “After Glow Celebration.” It was in this “after glow party” where I witnessed the saddest of pick up attempts ever.

Just when a co-worker and I were jockeying for a position by a couple of cute guys by the bar, two decent-looking guys waltzed up and started laying on the compliments. My co-worker and I gave each other “the eye” and began to politely smile, nod and answer their networking questions (i.e., where do you work, what accounts to you manage, bla, bla, bla…).

It was about 5 minutes later when the hit men took out their cards and we finally figured it out. We weren't being hit on at all, we are being SOLD to by a couple of salesmen from a vendor company. Not only had the other cute guys moved off, but we weren’t even being genuinely hit on. How depressing.

After the guys had moved on to their next set of prey, my co-worker and I mozzied up to the two token males from our office and claimed “saved” status from getting another sales pitch thrown our way. Of course the evening started looking up with the help of our “wing men” and keen eye for avoiding vendors.

All in all, the "PR Prom” was a good time. After working the room, it was truly eye opening to realize how many good looking chaps actually do work in my industry…I just have to wonder why none of them are at my company.

I think I'll have to talk to HR about that...

Until next year...


At 2:08 PM, Blogger Frankly, Scarlett said...

This is the problem of working for a small PR firm! I don't get to go to fun events like this!

Glad you had fun!

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Princess Extrordinaire said...

Sounds liek fun - at the very least it's always fun to get dresed to the nine's and rock a party!


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